Tuesday, May 4, 2010


"I DONT SHINE IF YOU DONT SHINE" kt and I scream singing in the saturn before I left for chicago in 2007
I love that little girl more than anything! I feel terrible thinking of some of the things I have done/said to her when we were younger, but I am so glad that she has always been near me regardless. I find it crazy as to how many different points/stages our relationship has gone through, and everything we have done.
quick superawesome things we have done/gone through together:
3 houses/two states,
Fishing for shells in a dirty pond,
dirt field forts,
green field frogs,
fence jumping,
mini baseball bats and stitches,
concussions ruining birthday parties,
annoying the parents every chance we get,
constantly changing our minds/majors,
the saturn,
road trips,
KT's wedding in Serbia...
and many moreto come

I am afraid that this relationship will change. out of all of my realtionships this is the one that I value the most, I am going through some major changes in my life and relationships with others. I will soon be Engaged and Married to Brittany. I know that things will change, our priorities will change. Life will try us and we may need to move from eachother. but nothing will ever change the fact that she is my little sister and she means the world to me. I have always tried to put how I feel for her in words but I can't. she means too much. the only thing that has come close is in a lyric sung by the killers. I feel as though KT and I are tied together by something stronger than anything else in this universe. I believe that I cannot reach my fullest potential if she is not reaching hers. I can only shine if she shines. Kirk out.

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