Tuesday, May 18, 2010

de espíritu independiente

We are faced with situations everyday in which we can decide to:
1)sit by and watch it happen
2)be active and do something about it.

I have a friend that I hold in very high esteem. He is not very much older than I am but he holds a quality that very few have. When I first met him he was assigned to be the teacher of a class I was attending. He held himself with confidence, yet in a way that did not come across as either arrogant or crowdpleasing. I could tell by looking at him that he had his mind set on an ideal, as opposed to ideas. He was eager to hear new thoughts and did not fear sharing his own. I learned a lot from him and I still am, but one lesson he taught has stuck with me since I heard it. He quoted his father, (something he did quite often and something I would look forward to) and since I can't remember all he said I will only share what I remember and its this.

"Most people in this world are sleeping."

Taken out of context this quote may seem very simple but we were speaking about awareness and spiritual activism. In this world there is so much going on and if we dont open our eyes and see the world, for what it trully is, we will not have the power or desire to act. I have seen that there are two different kinds of people. Those who sleep and those who do. Those who are acted upon and those who act.

I believe fully that most people in this world are sleeping. That we have been crafted and molded by either; the media, family, or friends, to be spectators in our own lives. We sit back and view situations with as little brain activity as if we were watching it on the tv, and it needs to stop. We need to stop being bystanders. We need to get away from the walls, tv's and computers and join (or create) whatever cause for good that we can. We need to be firm in our minds and not sway to the easy or flattering ideas we are tempted with. The legacy of a people is not formed after they have passed, it is created in the lives they live, as they live them.
let us wake up, let us be aware, let us do something about it.

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Krischelle and Jacob said...

Tim I absolutely enjoyed reading this particular post. it really makes me think about things and things of the world. please keep blogging! I loved this post so much and hope you continue to blog!